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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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you will notice that none of the television studios go to a couple of blocks to the west and show that view because the buildings have completely blocked it. i am worried about setting a precedent. this compromise allows them to be able to grow and be good neighbors. >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is thomas howard. my family has owned properties on the 800 block for 100 years. i have been at my location for 63 years. i am a fourth generation san franciscan and i would like to say that i am against the project for both at the height, the bolt, and the light. we want to maintain the character of this unique neighborhood and we would like to know if the board would vote
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no on this and if it goes through the 35 foot height limit with the setback. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello there. was preparing to make a long speech. i will make it short. jeff is a hard worker. when i was young, i would go to high school, i would work in south san francisco. i worked as a busboy. i asked, how could you be a success?
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you give something, you take something. i go there, i go to college. now, i come back. jeff owns a bicycle shop. i hope that you people come here to visit me, anyway, i tried to see the compromise because he built a block behind my back to build something that he struggles or con. you take away some of these lights and the privacy, especially my wife, we're looking at the third floor. you take the second floor, you're blocking.
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my wife and i have no policy i say it was -- two pictures are worth a thousand words. the trees will be like that. they will be billed 40 feet high. everyone would like to make the best money, so, why not make everyone happy? to cite mama marry, they told me that. everyone is happy. i hope if i'm a businessman and i hope that you could take this in consideration. make it 35 feet high. >> thank you. >> bring it down and keep the lighting.
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>> i live on north point st., this is directly behind the project. once a building is built, the back floor will be directly facing my living room and i have a big living room. i am also trying to raise a family. we are trying to raise a family. we have been living there and hanging on the living room. we are not greedy. i have been to all the meetings.
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we're all for san francisco small business. we would like to lower a little bit, once they do that, for stories, 50 foot buildings, they would be staring at my living room. i don't have the luxury to close curtains on my living-room bay window. also, privacy. also some privacy, just try to compromise. we are trying to raise a family and allow them to grow. this is also affecting the neighbor. we do appreciate blazing
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saddles. this is what we face against every day. this is what we face every day. this logo was permanent and it took up two spaces on the street. now, they will expand their business. we will see that there will be more parking problems i don't think they have any kind of converter. this will create more pollution. we have been tolerating it all of these years and we want them to reach some kind of compromise. that is it. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners.
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i basically raised in san francisco. i was going around fisherman's wharf when i was 8 or nine years old. it was run down and kind of cd. the whole area was like a plant at the beach north. since then, the area is undoubtedly had undergone a real transformation. this is one of the most popular visitor destinations in the entire nation. there is a neighborhood that lived along side of this but that is a fact of life of living in the area. i believe the remarkable transformation happening is due in large part to the hard work of city planners but in partnership with a visionary entrepreneur is to have transformed the area into one of
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the big money makers in san francisco in terms of revenue for the city and i think that this is a really important point that needs to be thought about but their business is a green business and it is a sustainable business model. this is directly responsible for leaving literally millions of visitors to san francisco with indelible memories of the city and i think that the improvements they are asking for will continue to insist their business in serving the visitors of san francisco and residents alike. on the side not -- on a side note, i take my daughter to blazing saddles quite often. i think the plan is responsible.
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it is certainly reasonable. this is completely to code. i just believe that a visionary couple deserve a chance to continue their good work and i urge you to approve their project. thank you. >> thank you. >> i live in north beach, i am a member of the telegraph hill dwellers. i am also a member of the aquatic park senior center. i am back and forth all the time and i have been doing this for many years. i want to mentioned that i think that they have presented you with a very elegant piece of architecture that is in tune with the neighborhood and we are in the 21st century, fisherman's
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wharf is changing the complexion as a more delightful place to be. a little bit more elegant place to be and i think this fits right in and will lead the way. i urge you to vote yes on this project. i think it is very important for our neighborhood. thank you. i am one of the co-founders. we have been cohabiting since 2004. goowe are actually not expanding into the subject property. and we will be subject to construction, but we will not be
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moving into the space next door. i hear the neighbors talking about pollution. it is something we are aware of. we are now migrating to a much greener vehicle, a lot quieter, and we can spread away from high street. we have three stores in the city. we were franchise around the world. pollution is something we are aware of, and i think the neighbors will see the start to go down. good i wanted to make sure that was stated for the record, and
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thank you for your time. >> good evening. i am one of the owners of 2749- st. is a law office. -- to 74 ninth st.. it is a law office. we are impacted by this project. let me a firm we have nothing but the greatest exprespect for jeff and what he is trying to accomplish. i wish him well. what occurred here is when this project was presented previously by previous owners, the
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commission sent them back and ask them to meet with the neighbors, who expressed the same concerns you are hearing this evening, and you have heard a list of things they did do. they did not do the fundamental thing the commission asked them to do two years ago, which was to meet with neighbors before you decide on another project. what occurred is a design quite a project without anybody's in part, and they have the finished project, we did without anybody's input, and they have a series of meetings of little or no changes were made. through nobody's fault, the direction of this commission was
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not carried out. the direction was to address the issues about light, shadow. the height of what they are proposing is truly devastating to the properties on high street, and while i appreciate the support of people speaking on behalf of this business and general architecture, i do not think any of them have gone to the buildings to see the affect, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with them to achieve something that is truly a win-win for the community. >> good evening, commissioners. i lived on bay st. my objection to this development
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has nothing to do with growth. we are all in favor of small business. i have been a small-business owner all my life. i lived here since 1997. this is an iconic piece of san francisco, and this is why it many of us live here and walk around and enjoy it, and the business people to owes its existence to those iconic kind of architecture we enjoy. my objection is these people have shown no sensitivity to the context of this neighborhood. this is a cute but is a please -- a cube that is at least one story high. we would like to have respect for the neighbors, and we want
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to keep the character of this neighborhood, and i do not think it is building -- do not think this building shows any respect for this, and i would like to have a compromise where we reduce the height and have something more sensitive to the neighborhood. >> thank you. >> i am karen raven, and i oppose this project. rather than going on and on and being redundant, i want you to know that we feel we want to be good neighbors, and we hope they would want to do the same. thank you. >> i live up the street, 1 blocked up from blazing saddles.
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i am not opposed to anybody expanding their business, but i am not seeing any real compromise in what they propose d in the building but affects their neighbors, so i do not see were the compromise is. i do not see where it meets the character of the neighborhood. gif you wanted to be large like manhattan, san francisco loses its character. >> thank you. >> i live in north point. i think this is an ideal project were compromise makes a lot of sense. nobody is opposing the project commo, and everybody is saying y
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support developers. i think this would be a good opportunity to show where the project can proceed, so i urge you to look at this as a compromise situation. >> most arguments have been made, so i am going to add a couple of small things. this is not about the applicants, whether they are good people or not, and it is not about all the neighbors and their neighborhood of pocket partner in -- third neighborhood association. it is a few neighbors with a loss viewe, and i hope everyone can see the greater picture. >> i want to voice my support for the project.
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i think a lot of thought went into creating a project that does not have any variances. i believe the proposed design is not higher than any of the buildings in the general air regard, so i feel when there is a proposal to make the building lower, but does not make sense because it is going to be low as building -- and the lowest building in the neighborhood. they want to move into that area. beyond expanding their business, i can say to people living in that neighborhood, you are going to have some cool neighbors. they want to live there. they are not just building a
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giant structure. they are building a structure that sits in the neighborhood, and they are going to be living there, so i urge the commission to make a guess vote -- a yes vote. >> i commend you for even being awake after your long day, so thank you for listening to all of us. i oppose this project. i was asked to work on a compromise, and what a great way to meet everybody. that has been successful, but i have to say it has been really crazy. the bottom line for me is we are not opposed to development. you keep hearing that.
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i think these are lovely people. we are not opposed to that. i believe it is wrong to build a building in front of all whole block of buildings and take away any lifghts. i think that is wrong. i think there can be a compromise. i hope you can help us get there. thank you for your time. >> i have been with the company about 10 years. when i started i've played a major role. in order to continue growth, and we need more space. this is a career job.
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people have been there six years, so i am totally in favor of this project you're a good -- of this project. >> i have worked with this company for five years, and i was there when they purchase the company, and i have been in the office with the care and concern about the neighbors and how this it was all going to play out commo, and i want to convey thes a lot of thought and consideration taken into account. >> i have known them for quite some time. i want to support them as responsible business owners, and i think it is a great project. >> my name is luke as crawford.
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i have been working for the company for five or six years, and i have seen the company grow the last few years, and i support this project all the way. one of the few things we have learned is how much we respect our neighbors. we sweep all the streets every day, and jeff always taught us how to keep it out of the way and respect the neighbors, and i support this project all the way. >> my name is sarah. i have been working closely with jeff and elena for almost six months now, and i am confident they have the best intentions at heart. they have been organizing and
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activity for both locals and visitors to enjoy their dedicated to contributing to the success of the business in our neighborhood. it helps draw tourists and dollars, which benefits the community as a whole. this will help us continue to build these strong ties while showing off sentences go's charm critics and francisco dons -- showing off san francisco's charms. i am fully in support of this project. >> my name is jeff, and with the exception of my co-worker brian, i can just sell your my observation.
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a lot of the people who have spoken are people i recognize walking bby, and while they may be talking about their rights -- air rights and light, what i heard is we're going to lose our view, and if i am not mistaken, this is no more than 6 inches in height difference with a boy in a vista a region with duane of this tora -- no more than 6 inches height difference with buena vista. >> i think this is the nies project to be built. you have worked long and hard to come up with a 40-foot limit, and they are standing by the requirements of the city has, and they have the best
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intentions for neighbors and businesses, and i want to convey my support for this project. thank you. good >> good evening. i know you are tired. i know you guys must be ready to go home, and i want to mention we have made a sincere effort to work with our neighbors. gooto say we did not, i disagree with your youu. they supported it were the project has no impact on their homes. the people on high street all have yards.
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it is a requirement. i just want to say i hope so when we become neighbors fear going to think this is a great idea and they are going to like it. it will work itself out, so thank you for your time. >> thank you for letting me speak. i am a long-term resident, and i think this product represents the best of san francisco. there is a modern face of the city. it is within the height limit. they have a vibrant small- business, and it seems as if this will benefit the neighborhood and the city.
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>> i am a member of the loquat take part -- the aquatic park association. i am a little emotional now. this project is are absolutely massive, and it does negatively affect the people and the neighborhood. part of the reason i am so a emotional is because i have a child, and i am trying to stay in san francisco. many of you have children and can understand how difficult it is to raise a child in france's fifth -- in san francisco, and this is the kind of thing that would make me move out of san francisco, and i do not think i am the only one.
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this is a neighborhood issues. we are not trying to stop growth. we have tried to come up with a compromise. this is not a business issue a curator -- not a business issue. >> is there any further public comment? you have already spoken, so you cannot speak again. i am sorry, sir. good >> [inaudible] >> i live in the neighborhood between beach and north point. the noise pollution from those cars is incessant. it is all the time